SOGEA Advanced Process Controls

Company Profile

For over twenty years Sogea has been committed to research, development and implementation of innovative technological solutions in the field of automation and plant engineering applied food processing.

This exclusive experience enables us to design and engineer automation, control and traceability systems where hardware, software and services are perfectly integrated in order to guarantee constant quality parameters.

Our main goals is to provide our clients with a targeted and effective solution which can quickly adapt to changing tastes and markets.

The main applications fields of our "products" are: dairy, vecerages (fruit juice, tea, rice, milk, soy milk, beer, etc.) and eggs products (liquid egg manufacturers, confectionery, pasta).

The trust of important companies in Italy and abroad has always helped us to compete globally and excel at quality, innovation and service.


Sogea Srl.

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Costabissara (VI) ITALY
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